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One stop source of excellent quality, competitively priced and warranty backed locomotive and marine replacement engine parts fit for EMD and ALCO engines (6 cylinders, 12 cylinders, 16 cylinders).We Deals in all parts of EMD 710 and EMD 645 Engine Parts. A major strength of LOCOMOTIVE PARTS EXPORTS is its fast turn around time leading to significantly faster product delivery compared to its competitors as well as rich in quality. Efficient synchronisation and control over each process across various functions and facilities have rendered this possible.

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  • All Parts of EMD 645 Engine
  • ALL Parts of EMD 710 Engine
  • ALL Parts of ALCO 251 Engine
  • Engine Block 3000HP -3600HP
  • Crankcase 4500HP - 55OOHP
  • Cylinder Heads-251 Plus.
  • Main Bearing Cap Inter Centre
  • Camshaft drive Housing
  • Oil Pan & Oil Pump assly
  • Camshaft , Gears,Crankshaft
  • Cylinder Liners- Laser Handed, Open Grain
  • Piston & Piston Ring
  • Valves Inlet and Exhaust
  • Brushing and Bearings - Bi Metal Tri Metal
  • Pinion Gears - Forging Machined
  • Exhaust Manifold- Fabricated and Machined
  • Camshaft Assemblies AISI1080
  • Camshaft Segments AISI1080
  • Bogies for Coach , , , ,, ,
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